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Latest News in Rehab Therapy
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Alzheimer's patients benefiting from occupational therapy

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Therapists often provide tips and recommendations for many people in order to help them maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. Occupational therapy jobs span the entire country, and it doesn't need to be solely treatments and rehabilitation that helps patients - advice could help as well. 

For example, occupational therapists have been assisting Alzheimer's patients learn how to maintain a level of independence and make life slightly more simple, according to HealthDay. 

"In some cases, occupational therapy has been overlooked for Alzheimer's disease, but it can make such a difference in keeping people at home when you learn how to set up the environment for success and safety," Chad Morton, occupational therapist and managing director for Louisiana-based Amedisys Home Health Services, told the news source. 

Morton added that a therapists' primary goal is to help people live on their own for longer, and keep doing all of their typical daily activities.

Tips often include creating patterns and establishing a routine, or placing mirrors on exterior doors to possibly distract Alzheimer's patients for a long enough time so they don't leave the property, the news source noted. Leaving photographs and albums around a home is also a great way to assist people.

"They can remember things from 30, 40 or 50 years ago, so sitting down with old picture albums and reliving those shared interests with them can make a huge impact on quality of life for both the patient and caregiver," Morton explained to HealthDay. In addition, therapists can help the daily caregivers reduce their workload and stress levels. 

Occupational therapy jobs also have the ability to help prevent Alzheimer's Disease, and physical exercise and diet choices have been shown to reduce risk, according to the Alzheimer's Association. Heart-healthy foods and a regular exercise program both go a long way toward boosting cardiovascular and brain health as well. 

Reflectx Staffing Services  9/17/2013

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