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Latest News in Rehab Therapy
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Biofeedback will improve physical therapy jobs

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A traveling physical therapist can have a difficult time determining whether or not a patient is improving. Clients progress at a different paces, even when they are rehabilitating similar ailments. The therapist is responsible for deciding how and when to increase treatments without injuring patients. According to Today in PT, new diagnostic machines will eliminate many of the headaches involved with monitoring progress

The news source writes that under-pressure systems read biomechanical information and translate it for therapists. A system manufactured by Quick Board features five sensors that medical professionals place on their patients. During exercises, the machine measures vital signs like heart rate, strength, blood flow and pressure, and uploads the data to a tablet. Kevin Martin, president of Quick Board, said that device was originally designed for sports rehabilitation, but its customizable features made it beneficial for other physical therapy jobs

"It gives the physical therapist the flexibility to test anything they want - speed, strength, mobility," Martin told Today in PT. 

Under-pressure systems can provide a more accurate measurement of a patient's progress than the human eye. Currently, therapists have to compare their notes from between sessions and ask clients how they feel. While positive and negative reports are beneficial, hard data allows PTs to provide enhanced care to their patients. 

Additionally, tablet connectivity will be valuable in many PT jobs in the near future. Healthcare facilities must convert all files to electronic medical records to maintain compliance with federal regulations. Under-pressure systems generate digital reports on tablets so that therapists do not have to worry about creating their own EMRs. 

As technology continues to improve, therapists will be able to provide better care to their patients. Tools like Quick Board's system allow medical professionals to understand pain points and tailor treatments to target specific body parts. 

Reflectx Staffing Services  3/6/2013

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