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What are the Highest Paying States for Physical Therapists?

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Physical Therapy is a high demand job and growing. It is the type of career where it focuses on helping others overcome physical problems, whether they are born with a disability or recovering from a serious injury. If a person starts down a career path as a Physical Therapist, ultimately, they are hoping to achieve their best, and believing that the best also indicates being paid at the top of the salary range for this profession.
Physical Therapy Occupational Outlook

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics the reason why the demand for Physical therapists has been increasing since 2010, is due to the aging baby boomers. The baby boomers are the generation born right after World War II, during the years of 1946-1964. It is stated that the baby boomers are staying active much longer than their previous generations, keep in mind though, and as they age many suffer from health risks like heart attacks, stroke, or mobility issues due to arthritis, whatever the health reason, physical therapists are needed for their rehabilitation. Not to mention, the thousands of others needing assistance for physical recovery due to injury.

Physical Therapists Pay Outlook

Those entering the medical career field of Physical therapy can expect to start at the lowest earnings of an estimated $53,620, the median pay is around $76,000, and the top highest are paid around $108,000. Experience and expertise play a significant role in achieving the highest salary however; location and facility play a role in it as well.

States that Pay the Highest and Lowest

According to an article published on, the top 5 states paying at the highest salary per hour were:

California ($37.00)

New Jersey ($36.46)

Maryland ($36.11)

Rhode Island ($35.92)

Alaska ($35.78)

The top 5 lowest paying states listed on the article are:

Hawaii ($26.66)

Montana ($27.32)

Vermont ($28.20)

New Mexico ($28.20)

North Dakota ($28.36)

Although location is revealing of expected annual salary for a Physical therapist, the healthcare facility will determine the amount of pay as well. Those working in offices of health practitioners might receive higher pay than the physical therapist work in a nursing facility, even if they are in the same state.
In conclusion, when it comes to work and choosing a career path, a person can only work to be the best they can in their chosen field. If they hope to reach the top 10% of the higher pay range as a Physical Therapist, then they may have to consider relocating to California.

Olga Walton  5/22/2013

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